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Date: 25 March 2019

  Eastern African - Soccer

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Fufa, USL in Transfer window clash

[Posted 16 Mar 2012]
[By Charles Malingha]
Fufa, USL in Transfer  window clash

In addition to calling off this weekís eight games to allow clubs and players address their issues, the Uganda Super League (USL) resolve to open a seven-day emergency transfer window on Monday evening.

But that window must be sanctioned by local soccer governors Fufa first. Forward to Wednesday, no such thing like opening the window is going to happen. Not from Mengo at least.

"A seven-day window is impossible," said Mujib Kasule, the Fufa vice president in charge of USL at Mengo yesterday. "Does anyone know that itís not the prerogative of USL to open a window?"
"You just donít wake up and open a transfer window. Thatís a weakness from USL they donít have anyone technical enough to guide them by the rules of the game."

But league manager Paul Kabaikaramu says there is no cause for alarm. "We have not written to Fufa to ask them to open the window yet because no club has come up to register the need as of now," he said, "If a club comes up then we shall do the necessary." A club can be allowed to transfer a player only in the time of crisis, which Kabaikaramu believes the league is in.

"But it is the right of the federation to sanction the transfer and that is only if the club proves that they really need to sign a player," offered Kasule. "Rather than punish players whose contracts have been breached, their concerns should be looked into."

Players under their umbrella, Federation of Football Players Association (Fofpa), put down their tools last Friday demanding improved welfare and resignation of the Fufa hierarchy for "incompetence" among others.


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