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Date: 22 April 2019

  Zimbabwean - Soccer

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Dynamos fans' Rufaro conduct unpatriotic!

[Posted 27 Mar 2012]
[By Brighton Mupangavanhu]
Dynamos fans" Rufaro conduct  unpatriotic!
It is extremely disturbing, but unsurprising to hear that Dynamos fans who thronged Rufaro Stadium on Saturday during the CAF Champions League fixture between FC Platinum (Zimbabwe) and El Merreikh (Sudan) turned against their own countrymen and opted to support the visiting team through out the duration of the tense match.

FC Platinum were already reeling from the diabolic decision by CAF to take away the match from their home ground of Mandava Stadium to be played in the capital for the reason that there are no three star hotels in Zvishavane and the travelling distance between Mandava and the closest three-star hotels in Masvingo is taxing for the visiting team and officials.

As if the deprivation that FC Platinum suffered was not enough, DeMbare fans sought to rub salt to the wounds by turning against their own countrymen and giving the Sudanese the support they needed to draw the match 2-2 away from home, and in the process, push the Zimbabwean side to the brink of elimination.

Home support is always a difference maker when teams play in Africa, but El Merreikh were made to feel like the home team on Saturday. Why? Because some Zimbabweans found it 'appropriate' in their hearts to give the Sudanese an undue advantage over their own countrymen.

Someone might be wondering in their hearts: 'Whats the big deal? It happens everywhere in the world. It happens in Egypt given the rivalry between Al Ahly and Zamalek, or even in Sudan between El Merreikh and Al Hilal.'

Well, the fact that it happens everywhere in the world does not justify the unpatriotic behaviour of Dynamos fans. At least the Glamour Boys' supporters must have considered the suffering endured by Platinum FC prior to the match.

Dynamos fans should be reminded that FC Platinum carry the name of Zimbabwe and hoist our flag high when they do well in CAF competitions, just like the entire nation is behind Dynamos when they make exploits in Africa.

After all, if there is a team that should feel aggrieved by the local rivalry which saw DeMbare snatch the title from under the noses of the platinum miners, then it is FC Platinum.

Both Dynamos and FC Platinum carry the hopes of the nation when they play in Africa and deserve all our support.

Dynamos fans should always remember that they represent the biggest football brand in the country, and that should not only serve as a privilege. It  comes with a huge responsibility to be exemplary to all football supporters in the country tand to teach other fans to throw their weight behind any team that represents and advances the interests of the nation.

Needless to say, Dynamos' success will make the nation proud, including the supporters of CAPS United, Highlanders, Monomotapa, Gunners and FC Platinum. The same goes for the success of FC Platinum.

Given the inconsistent and biased decision-making by CAF which hurt the interests of our Zimbabwean representatives ( FC Platinum), the least that was expected from every Zimbabwean was sympathy for our own home-grown team.

By booing FC Platinum, and giving support to El Merreikh and contributing to their forced 2-2 draw, Dynamos fans should remember that they were shooting themselves in the foot as Zimbabweans.

Dynamos fans should not feel that this comes as condemnation. No. It does not help to condemn anyone, what matters is for Dynamos fans to derive a lesson from this unfortunate incident at Rufaro on Saturday.

Long Live FC Platinum! Long Live Dynamos! Long Live Hwange! These teams  do not only play for their own glory in their African adventures. They carry the aspirations of a success starved nation-Zimbabwe!   


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