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Date: 24 March 2019

  Zimbabwean - Soccer

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Warriors in Mbada sponsorship boost

[Posted 01 Jun 2012]
[By Brighton Mupangavanhu]
Morale in camp as Mbada Diamonds sponsors Warriors against Guinea
The Warriors of Zimbabwe received a shot in the arm when giant diamond mining company, Mbada Diamonds unveiled a $75 000 deal for the Warriors ahead of their clash with Guinea in Harare on Sunday.

The deal is structured as follows:

For a win, the Warriors stand to receive $50 000 worth of bonuses from the sponsor, $25 000 for a draw, and nothing in the event of a loss.

The players will receive a total of $12 500 in allowances as appearance fees and a total of $6 500 for camping  fees.

It is believed that the $75 000 package is only for the Guinea match, and there could be a further $150 000 for the Mozambique and Burundi ties following up on the 8th June and 15th June respectively.

The sponsorship is a step in the right direction, its a pity that Zimbabwean companies have not learnt anything for the past donkey years, and they prefer to come at the eleventh hour with sponsorship news, heaping unnecessary pressure on the team in the build up to a major game.

Sponsors should preferably announce their intention to bankroll the national team way ahead of a major game match.

While the belief is that the announcement of a cash-injection will boost morale in camp, there are chances that it could increase pressure on a team that is already under pressure, heightened by the fact that the match is only three days away.

Virtues of proper planning demand that announcements and preparations are done timeously to avoid counter attraction and focus on what matters, that is, the game at hand.

If the explanation is that Zifa had struggled to pay the players their dues and Mbada Diamonds had to come to the rescue, then that makes sense .

However, Zifa appear to have known exactly that the mining company was going to come on board, and some time during the middle of last month, the Zifa president Cuthbert Dube announced that his association had all ducks in a row regarding compensation of players.

It is for that reason that it is a pleasant surprise that the announcement of financial rewards and bonuses for the players were only announced last night. It is a pleasant surprise because it will ensure morale is kept high for the rest of the matches until 15 June.

After all has been said, Well-done Mbada Diamonds and Welcome on board on our soccer ship! You are one company that has made sport-loving Zimbabweans be proud to have a mining company like you in the country. You have really earned your diamonds!



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