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Date: 20 April 2019

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Canada in shock due to incorrect decision

[Posted 15 Aug 2012]
[By Myles Mustaine]
Canada in shock due to incorrect decision

Hopes of Canada to play in the women Olympic Soccer final were shattered in the semi final against the United States. They were on top in every stage of the game but in the end lost it. The team could not believe what had happened in the end and busted into tears when the match was over.

The pain was visible from the eyes and faces of all Canadian players. Their 120 minute struggle looked like a bad dream. It seemed they wanted the time to come back—as they did not want to leave the pitch. The match was decided in the extra time—although it didn’t happen if the referee had performed her job with honesty. The moment when an American player made a foul, it was ignored but when a Canadian made a little mistake, the opponents were rewarded a free kick to level the score 3-3 before the two halves could complete.

Melissa Tancredi said at the end of the match while not attempting to control her tears that the victory was theirs and it had been just taken away (illegally). On the other side, the Canadian Captain Christine Sinclair scored all three goals on behalf of her team but did not address her team due to the shock.

After the referee’s incorrect decision making—better will be to call it unprofessional approach—the game went into extra time and Alex Morgan scored a goal to bring victory to the US. Now the US women’s football team will compete for the gold medal in the women’s Olympics football tournament. Japan has also qualified for it.

The super favorite team for the gold medal is Japan since the US players seemed totally helpless against Canada, a team which has been defeated by Japan in the pool matches.

Author Biography:

Name: Myles Mustaine
Job Title: Chief Editor



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