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Date: 27 May 2019

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Come on Ntate Jomo, let Rusike go!

[Posted 13 Sep 2012]
[By Beezsports Editoral Comment]
Come on Ntate Jomo, let Rusike go!
When we all thought the saga between Matthew Rusike and his former club Jomo Cosmos has come to an end with the young talented footballer joining Kaizer Chiefs on a three-year contract, well, it turns out that the battle between the two parties is far from over.

The PSL's Dispute Resolution Chamber ruled on Tuesday that Rusike is a free agent, paving the way for the former Cosmos star to complete his move to Chiefs and freeing the young talent to play football again.

Now Cosmos owner and coach Jomo Sono has revealed that he still has some fight to do , saying he intends to challenge the fairness of the DRC's ruling, slamming the finalisation of the case as "haste" branding the DRC partial in a way.

"“We cannot understand the haste with which they [the PSL] wanted to deal
with this issue. Is it because it is Chiefs? They told us on Friday
that the matter would be discussed on Tuesday and we told them our
lawyers knew of the later date and were not available,” fumed Sono.

Sono suggests that the DRC was partisan in its handling of the matter and insinuated that he saw it coming.

“We are not surprised they did this. Cosmos is not one of the favourites
with the PSL and we don't expect anything from them,” Jomo told

Sono's comments have surprised many neutrals who were under the impression that the matter was resolved amicably between the parties. Now Jomo wants to appeal against the decision.

"We are going to
appeal and carry on fighting. These people are taking football back to
the days of Abdul Bhamjee. It is a pity."

Cosmos as a club have every right to follow legal channels for any remedies they feel are fair in the circumstances. There is little information out there to give outsiders like journalists clarity of the procedures followed, nor is it easy to verify the veracity of Sono's claims.

One can only sympathise with a young man whose football future will be in limbo if this matter drags on forever.

Supporters of Kaizer Chiefs would view Sono's actions as being selfish and self-centered, and would appeal to Jomo's sense of mentor-ship and father-like spirit. There is surely a better way to resolve the matter without an ugly fight.

In any case, Rusike's utterances have been very mature thus far.

The young Zimbabwean has avoided criticising Cosmos or Jomo Sono for the unfortunate developments in this industrial dispute, choosing to instead shower praises on Jomo Sono.

“Despite this contractual battle, I will never say anything bad about
the man and will forever be indebted to him,” Rusike said yesterday.

Rusike even added: “I would like to thank Jomo for everything he has done. He gave me a good opportunity to play and show my talents. Working with him is one of the best experiences of my career," he said with a sense of humility and gratitude.

Jomo may feel that he is within his rights to launch a challenge against the DRC's ruling, irrespective of what the consequences maybe for the player. Afterall, Jomo will feel, it is just business and thats how business goes.

Afterall, Jomo could argue that he plucked the youngster from obscurity where his talents were not appreciated at AmaTuks who were playing in National First Division then, and gave the boy an opportunity of a life-time in the PSL.

BUT, Rusike is not oblivious of those facts and he is even upfront about it, acknowledging Jomo's contribution in his development as a player.

It is on that basis that it is difficult to understand why a man of Jomo's stature cannot afford to resolve this issue with the youngster amicably without resorting to court battles which always turn out ugly and such battles are known to produce winners and losers.

Out of court settlements to some extent can produce winners on both ends and preserve people's relationships, where as court battles are adversarial in nature, and are conducted in an atmosphere of a fight and antagonism. And Jomo is in a fighting mood right now, if his words are anything to go by.

Come on Jomo, you can surely rise to the challenge and demonstrate to South Africa your fatherly heart. Even if Rusike could have erred, which we do not suggest he did, as a mentor and football role-model, your response can teach him and others a lesson or two.

There is a risk that if Jomo goes to court and loses the case again, his reputation will take a nose dive.

Come on Jomo! We all have unwavering respect for the way you have produced and guided the likes of Mark Fish, Helman Mkhalele, Benjamin Mwaruwari, Philmon Masinga, Esau Kanyenda, Christopher Katongo and many others who have become household names for their national teams.

One can assert his rights without putting the professional future of young players in jeopardy. Please Jomo, find a way of doing this without affecting the youngman's ability to earn an income and take care of his family. Football is Matthew's form of livelihood.

Please "Black Prince", let Rusike go! for the sake of preserving the Jomo legacy and in the name of fair play!

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