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Date: 21 March 2019

  Eastern African - Soccer

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Free agent Wasswa believes Uganda will prevail

[Posted 04 Oct 2012]
[By Charles Malingha]
Free agent Wasswa believes Uganda will prevail

Uganda Cranes Key player Hassan Wasswa does not believe club inactivity will affect his and his colleagues’ preparedness for next weekend’s Nations Cup qualifier against Zambia.

A free agent after being released by Turkish club Kayseri, Wasswa and a host of other summoned Cranes players are either out of contract with their foreign clubs or their leagues are currently off-season.

The affected players are Dan Wagaluka, Johnson Bagoole (former APR), Mike Sserumaga (ex-St George) and Musa Mudde (ex-Simba, Tz). Others are Vietnam trio of Geoffrey ’Baba’ Kizito, Chrizestom Ntambi, Moses Oloya and Brian Umony, whose league resumes late this year.

However, Umony and Sserumaga have secured some deals with KCC and Proline respectively in order to keep in shape. But Wasswa, who still has no club, believes disciplined training will see them keep in shape.

"We shall be okay because we’ve been training every single day, and are still training," Wasswa, who together with his other inactive mates at club level had their last competitive game away to Zambia on September 8, told Beez Sports.

"So I think our fitness levels are not that bad. And with 11 (ten today) days to go, we have enough time to sharpen up."

While Wasswa doesn’t underestimate the importance of real match action, he believes more and more training somewhat makes up.

"The more you train the more you regain your fitness," he said, "And even playing the real games at our clubs, it depends how match time you play.

"For example you may play the game but play just 20 minutes. I can be training every day and will be much fitter than you who plays just 20 minutes."

But no matter how the player, who can comfortably play as a defender and midfielder, argues, he can’t downplay the confidence that comes with regular competitive action, especially heading into a match as important as this.


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