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Date: 24 March 2019

  Eastern African - Soccer

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FUFA president refuses to resign depite pressure

[Posted 18 Oct 2012]
[By Charles Malingha]
FUFA president refuses to resign depite pressure

 Federation of Uganda Foot ball Association Boss Lawrence Mulindwa has admitted he has failed in his promise to deliver Uganda to the Africa Cup of Nations but denied he is a failure.

Ugandaís failure to make next yearís Afcon finals after they fell to Zambia 8-9 in a post-match penalty shootout was the fourth botched campaign under Mulindwaís executive, which came into office in 2005.

"Itís true I did (promise to deliver Uganda to Africa Cup of Nations)Ö like any visionary and focused leader," said Mulindwa, who replaced the late Denis Obua, while addressing the media in Mengo yesterday.

"And Iím happy am still working towards that one. I have not sat back just because things are going bad. Itís not a sign of failure.

"Itís my dream to see that the team qualifies and once we qualify it will become a habit. Let us build, let us be patient. Yes we didnít qualify but letís hope. So I donít look at myself as someone who has failed."

Mulindwa was apologetic for the Cranes failings but never spared Fred Muwema and his group, who on Monday issued him a seven-day ultimatum to vacate Fufa premises in Mengo or face forceful eviction.

"Iím assuring Ugandans, they gave me a mandate and Iím an elected leader. Let them (Muwema and group) bring someone strong and take on the small man (Mulindwa)," Mulindwa said.

"These are night dancers. That íwe are going to freeze Fufa accounts, what is he talking about? Fufa is not a hideout of bed bugs.

"I am not going anywhere. I will not allow selfish people to take over. Uganda will not reward me for the good work, only God will because I know in heaven I will be seated by the right hand side of Our Father," said Mulindwa.

Muwema says he is unmoved by Mulindwaís comments. "He can decide to be abusive, he can say all sorts of things but he should know that we are determined and he will go," Muwema told the media in an afternoon news conference.

Mulindwa, who admitted the Shs40,000 charged for general stands was "relatively high", however, left many wondering whether his commitment to Cranes qualification was wholly down for the good of the game or for his own gratification.

"People should remember we have been coming so close," he said, "I expected that day after that game there would be drumming, people would come here at the federation and praise Mulindwa."

The Fufa boss also apologised to the media personalities who were mistreated by Fufa officials. Some journalists were denied accreditation while others had to buy tickets to cover the game.


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