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Date: 26 March 2019

  Eastern African - Soccer

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Fufa reward players, Fans raid offices wants Fufa boss to resign

[Posted 18 Oct 2012]
[By Charles Malingha]
Fufa reward players, Fans raid offices wants Fufa boss to resign

Uganda’s soccer governing body, FUFA has, in recognition of the Cranes’ effort in their recently cut-short Africa Nations Cup campaign, rewarded the players with a winning bonus.

FUFA boss Lawrence Mulindwa hailed the team during one of local sports’ most attended press conferences at the headquarters on Tuesday.

He noted that there are all signs of improvement in the Cranes.

"We have been missing qualification by points or goals, now we only missed because of penalties.

"That shows we are getting close. The day we qualify, it will become normal for us to be in the tournament," he remarked.

He said an evaluation would be made on the respective technical areas and a report made to the executive to forge a way forward.

"We have structures that we must follow. We don’t want to act out of emotion."

Mulindwa and FUFA vice president (technical) Livingstone Kyambadde said the focus should now be on the future.

The CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup next month and the CHAN tournament will be used as a World Cup build-up.

"Our focus will also be on international build-ups and the upcoming players, who have already impressed," Mulindwa said.

No changes

Ahead of the Tuesday press conference, journalists had flooded the FUFA headquarters expecting some ground breaking pronouncements.

Many had expected changes after a fourth futile attempt by the Cranes to qualify for the final tournament of the Africa Cup of Nations.

But at the end of the meet – held under tight police security – there were no resignations. Neither was anyone fired.

This sure came as a surprise to the overly eager press.

Uganda lost its final qualifier to Zambia in an agonizing penalty shoot-out last Saturday.

Fans raid offices

Police had before the start of the conference made arrests in a group of demonstrators who had stormed FUFA’s Mengo offices demanding for the departure of Mulindwa.

The irate group, with placards reading "Mulindwa should go!" entered the offices ordering those they found to identify themselves.

Mulindwa, who on taking charge of the federation in 2005, promised to take Uganda to the continental finals.

But following last weekend’s failure to qualify against Zambia, Ugandan fans are yet to realize that promise.

He apologized to Ugandans and urged the country to forge behind the Cranes for future engagements.

To those calling for his resignation, Mulindwa, flanked by Cranes coach Bobby Williamson, said he is not about to leave.

"As far as I am concerned the Cranes put up an impressive show. They actually stretched the African champions to the limit. We only lost on penalties. As you well know penalties are like a lottery."


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