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Date: 24 March 2019

  Eastern African - Soccer

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News Headlines

Gor coach sets conditions for return

[Posted 04 Dec 2012]
[By Charles Malingha]
Gor coach sets conditions for return

Gor Mahia coach Zdravko Logarusic says he is willing to return to the club if certain contractual conditions are met.

Logarusic said time was running out for the club ahead of their challenge for the Confederation of African Football (CAF) Cup next season.

 Logarusic said he had demanded a signing fee of Sh4 million and a monthly salary of Sh0.5 million.

"If they do that I will be on the plane tonight to sign a new deal and start planning for next seasonís onslaught," said the Croat national.

"Time is running out, we need to start recruiting players by December 29 and start preparations. But at the moment I cannot do anything because my situation is unclear. Something needs to be done, unfortunately where we are now is where we were three months ago."

"My conditions are very clear, I am a professional and I want to professionalise this club. I love this club and this is where I want to be next season. But if I cannot get Sh 4 million sign on fee and a monthly Sh 500,000 salary, I am not coming back," he said.

Talks ended in stalemate

"We need to move fast. Gor Mahia is a big club with massive following. I know if they want the best for the club they can raise this I a matter of days," added Logarusic.

He said he sat down with club chairman Ambrose Rachier and the talks ended in a stalemate.

"They did not want to commit and I told them I am a professional, football is business and if we cannot do business, then call me if you are ready."

"Gor Mahia should move away from surviving on handouts and engage in big business. Look for sponsors who mean business and are ready to grow with the club and make money of our own."

The Croat who came to Gor Mahia in April when the club was rooted at the relegation zone with only one win from nine games says he has a bone to pick with sponsors Tuzo who had made promises which they failed to fulfil.

"I came to Gor Mahia not to push for money, but to bring results so that the club and its sponsors can appreciate and offer me a pay package that is acceptable.

"It defeats logic now that we are now haggling over increment. What I am asking for is what I believe is the lowest a professional coach can ask from a club."


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