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Date: 27 May 2019

  Eastern African - Soccer

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Cranes Fly to Monrovia for World cup qualifiers

[Posted 23 Mar 2013]
[By Charles Malingha]
Cranes Fly to Monrovia for World cup qualifiers

The Cranes were due to settle in Monrovia having left the country yesterday and coach Bobby Williamson is cautioning fans back home against "too much expectations" on the team.

The Scot and his 18-man squad are set for a clash at a place Uganda hardly have fond memories having fallen there 2-0 the last time the Lone Stars of Liberia and Cranes met in the 2000 Afcon qualifiers.

Uganda should win this 2014 World Cup qualifier tomorrow if they are to stay their hopes of ever making it on the global scene or Senegal could get out of sight if the Lions of Teranga fashion victory off Angola.

The Cranes trail Senegal in second place with two points, with the Lions of Teranga topping Group J with four. Angola also have two points while Liberia are on one. And heading into the battlefield tomorrow, Bobby knows the Brazil dream is delicate and this latest task in Liberia is not as easy as some may anticipate.

"We know itís gonna be difficult," Bobby told Saturday Monitor before the team flew out, "And we donít wanna estimate them.

"I just hope our fans donít think itís gonna be easy. Itís not. Itís gonna be a very difficult task. But weíll give our best."

Liberia are currently behind Uganda by 33 places in 118th in the Fifa ranking, albeit, Bobby is not a believer of these ratings.
The Lone Stars are also looking for their first maximum points in the campaign at home having drawn goalless with Angola there. "We are still looking for our first maximum points at home as well in the campaign and itís not an easy group, itís gonna be difficult. "Angola went there and managed to get a draw and a draw was probably good enough for them after we drew as well.

"So a draw wonít be the end of the world depending on what happens in the other game (between Senegal and Angola). As I said, weíve got to go there and be cautious, and express ourselves but itís not gonna be easy.

"If we donít perform then weíve got a real problem. As I said itís something of getting the players more energised, get the organisational skills to the fore."


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