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Date: 22 April 2019

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News Headlines

Ghana lose Rajevac, hunt for new coach

[Posted 13 Sep 2010]
[By Brighton Mupangavanhu]
The Black Stars have lost Milovan Rajevac after the coach refused to accept a new contract

The Ghanaian Football Association has faield in its bid to persuade Milovan Rajevac, their now former coach, to accept a four-year extension to his contract. Milo is rumoured to be on his way to, of all  places, Saudi Arabia where he is believed to have received a lucrative offer too good to resist.

The GFA had given Rajevac seve (7) days to ponder his future and give the FA an answer.

"We have a time limit of seven days from Sunday and on the expiry of that, if the news is not good, it means we have to begin a new search," Kwesi Nyantakyi, the GFA Chairman had warned last week.

Now it appears like that time period has expired and a decision had already been made that should there be no response from the coach by the 7-day deadline, then the offer will lapse.

The four year contract renewal offer has now been withdrawn and the GFA is set to go back to the drawing board. A meeting will take place today to decide on the way forward.

Several options have been bandied around in the Ghanaian media. Possible interim or final decisions will be made today.

One such possible decision the GFA could make is to appoint caretaker coach to take charge of the 2012 Nations Cup qualifier against Sudan in Accra on 10 October. Should the GFA decide to make temporary appointments, then the obvious choice for caretaker coach should be Assistant coach Kwasi Appiah.

There is a ground swell of opinion in Ghana advocating for appointment of a local coach rather than another foreign coach.

There is a strong opinion that foreign coaches only come to Ghana to build their profiles and when they achieve that they then leave the team on a lurch, when the team needs them most. The Milo debacle has reminded many of what happened with Ratomir Dujkovic.

Both Serbian born nationals build their profiles with the Black Stars at World Cup finals before leaving the team for more lucrative offers which the GFA could not match. Dujkovic coached the team in Germany 2006, while Milo guided the team to quarter-finals in South Africa.

An African soccer analyst of Ghanaian blood Michael Oti Adjei is of the opinion that if the GFA should decide to appoint a local coach then a former Under 20 coach should be the obvious choice.

"The best suited Ghanaian without a doubt is Sellas Tetteh," Adjei observes.

"He has served his time as an assistant and guided many of the players bound to be the key men for Ghana in the coming years to glory at Under-20 World level.

"He did a decent job when put in temporary charge of the Black Stars before Rajevac eventually took over. He may struggle with Rwanda as the 0-3 mauling at the hands of Ivory Coast prove in the 2012 qualifiers but then again it is Rwanda and getting beat by the side regarded as the best on the continent is no shame," added Adjei.

Others in Ghana are in favour of former French international defender Marcel Desailly. The former France captain is viewed in Ghana as "one of our very own" given his Ghanaian blood.

Desailly though does not have any serious coaching experience and the more cautious in Ghana are sceptical of him because he is viewed as untested waters.

Continuity is likely to dominate the GFA deliberations as they look at a way forward after a sudden end to the golden Rajevac era.

The Black Stars is one of the best teams, if not the overral best team on the continent at the moment. A change of coach could seriously derail the development of the team and the gains picked from the AFCON and World Cup's fairly successful experiences.


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