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Date: 23 April 2019

  Zimbabwean - Soccer

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The Storm not yet over for Saintfeit, ZIFA

[Posted 26 Sep 2010]
[By Brighton Mupangavanhu]
ZIFA may be in trouble with the law regarding "poaching" Saintfeit

The confirmation of Tom Saintfeit as Warriors coach appeared on surface to have brought to an end the storm that had raged on for a week within the Zimbabwe Football Association family. However, a simple scratch will reveal that the problems with the appointment of the Belgian coach are far from over.

No later than 48 hours after the announcement that Saintfeit will guide the Zimbabwe Warriors in the Africa Cup of Nations  2012 qualifiers, the Namibia FA has threatened to take legal action against ZIFA for 'poaching' its coach.

The NFA revealed yesterday that Saintfeit has not yet resigned from the NFA and has unlawfully concluded an employment contract with another football association while still under the employ of the NFA.

“Saintfiet is still under contract with us and it would really be unethical for Zifa or anyone to engage in any sort of discussion with him without consulting us," NFA Secretary General Barry Rukoko revealed to The Sunday Mail.

Apparently Saintfeit sneaked out of Namibia to finalise contract talks with ZIFA, and the NFA insists that to their knowledge the Brave Warriors coach is at work in Namibia. They had treated news of the Belgian link to the vacant Warriors post just as rumours.

Since what the NFA considered just a rumour has now been confirmed by media revelations that Saintfeit has been confirmed as Warriors' coach, they now seem eager to take action against ZIFA, despite the fact they may not have solid evidence of a contract  as yet anyway.

“But if it is proven that he has been talking to the Zimbabweans, we will have no choice but to take appropriate action and we will be guided by the rules and regulations regarding the transfer of players and coaches.

“We will definitely report this matter to Fifa because it’s unethical for Zifa to engage in private talks with our coach without our consent. 

"Saintfiet is our coach and he will have to resign first before engaging any other association,” Rukoko added.

The Namibians have given the clearest hint thus far of a possible legal action against their fellow Southern Africans.

"We can’t say much right now because everything we are getting is just media reports, it’s really not on our desk at the moment but Saintfiet knows the implications should he breach the contract.

“We will just follow the standard procedure for any contractual agreement and we believe, if the reports are true, that we are not at fault, we haven’t breached any agreement so we are watching the developments.”  
It does not only rain for Tom Saintfeit. Fresh from being stung by revelations that he might have embellished his CV to get the Warriors job, the Belgian coach may soon face a lawsuit from his current employers.

What all these revelations mean is that if Saintfeit has already accepted and signed a contract offer from ZIFA, he is technically employed by two associations, both members of FIFA.

The global mother body will be forced to act against ZIFA and the Belgian coach if the claims by the NFA that they were not aware of discussions between Saintfeit and ZIFA are true. 


Ezekiel Charika posted comment on 26-Sep-2010 08:05:37

I hope these malicious ZIFA actions do not result in our beloved team being banned for some time. These contractual issues are the basic things that Dube should know before acting. Does ZIFA have lawyers who advise them? If so, what are they doing and where were they when this rubbish happened?

mangezi richard zimudzi posted comment on 26-Sep-2010 07:30:11

this dude is in magma! nobody wants him but his employers and that crop of rot-heads (sic) at 53 livingstone.

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