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Date: 23 April 2019

  World - Soccer

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FIFA's alleged 2018 bid scandal

[Posted 18 Oct 2010]
[By Brighton Mupangavanhu]
Adamu faces allegations of soliciting for a bribe from USA for his vote in the 2018 bidding

The world woke up yesterday to news of a very damaging soccer scandal touching on allegations of vote-selling by a FIFA Executive Committee member Amos Adamu.

England's Sunday Times Newspaper alleges in its Sunday story that Adamu, the Nigerian who is President of the West African Football Union, asked for a bribe from one of the nations bidding to host the 2018 World Cup, the USA.

An undercover camera from a Sunday Times journalist caught Adamu soliciting for money to be paid directly to him by the USA, allegedly for the building of artificial stadiums, presumably in Nigeria. The footage has been broadcast through out the world.

In the video, Adamu was asked to explain if the money he was asking for would influence the manner in which he would vote, to which he responded in the affirmative.

 "Obviously, it will have an effect. Of course it will. Because certainly if you are to invest in that, that means you also want the vote," Adamu was caught saying on the footage. 

A figure of around $800,000 (500,000) has been given as the amount Adamu asked to be paid for him to in turn vote for the USA.

The African is not the only one who is facing allegations of bribery in the Fifa executive. Temarii, president of the Oceania Football Confederation is also alleged to have asked for payment to influence the outcome of the voting.

Fifa President Sepp Blatter, has entered the fray and promised to ensure thorough investigations by the Fifa Ethics Committee, to be assisted by the Fifa Secretariat.

"Fifa will open an in-depth investigation, which we will start immediately together with the Fifa ethics committee and the Fifa secretary general," Blatter told his executive following the release of the Sunday Times article. 

Meanwhile, the USA is alleged to have withdrawn from the race to host the 2018 World Cup, joining Australia who withdrew in June. Both will now focus on the 2022 bid. 

England, Russia and the joint bids of Netherlands-Belgium and Spain-Portugal remain in contention for the 2018 bid.

The British media is leaving no stone unturned in its support of the country's bid to host the World Cup in 2018. More scandals are likely to be unearthed by the ever vigilant British media before the announcement of the winning bid in December.

Many in Africa fear that if the allegations Adamu faces are to be proven to be true, then it may hurt the image that Africa had created to the outside world following the stagin of an excellent world cup by South Africa this year.

But Adamu is not the complete story of Africa.

Nothing will take away the fact that South Africa put together a wonderful tournament which was free of any major incidents. A recent Fifa report indicated that South Africa set a benchmark which  Brazil will have to match in 2014 when they next host the World Cup.




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