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Date: 22 April 2019

  Zimbabwean - Soccer

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Rushwaya officially dismissed by ZIFA!

[Posted 27 Oct 2010]
[By Brighton Mupangavanhu]
Henrietta Rushwaya has been fired for maladministration, and not on match-fixing allegations

The Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) officially dismissed Chief Executive Officer Henrietta Rushwaya following the conclusion of only a fraction of the whole case which the former CEO faced, Beezsports has learnt.

Rushwaya had been dragged before a ZIFA disciplinary tribunal to answer several charges relating to match-fixing, acting without necessary authority or even insubordination and failure to account for funds.

According to statement released by the ZIFA lawyer Ralph Maganga, the once-famed "Iron-Lady of Zimbabwe football" Rushwaya, has now been dismissed for a conviction on what sounds like slightly altered charges of "conduct inconsistent with her duties, mismanagement and insubordination". 

The dismissal was, according to, caused by Rushwaya's action of authorising the national team to undertake trips to Asia last year against the Sports and Recreation Commission decision not to, and asking for a loan of $103 000 from the SRC, which the former ZIFA CEO reportedly failed to account for.

In a suprise move, Maganga told yesterday that charges relating to match-fixing allegations have been withdrawn, albeit temporarily, it is hoped, until further investigations are completed.

It is not clear when ZIFA will resuscitate the charges, or when the 'further investigations' will be completed. Match-fixing charges were the main motivation for her suspension as CEO pending a disciplinary inquiry.

Maganga did not explain what the techincal glitches encountered in the prosecution of the matter were. It is also not clear whether the charges were withdrawn after Rushwaya had pleaded, or whether the Disciplinary inquiry led by Labour Court judge Custom Kachambwa threw out the match-fixing charges for lacking in substance.

All that the media and the expectant soccer fans can do at this stage is speculate.

When charges are said to have been withdrawn, there can only be one reason; and that is, that the prosecution struggled to produce evidence sufficient to secure conviction of an accused person.

Did the ZIFA lawyer who led the case against Rushwaya ever included the match-fixing charges on the charge sheet in the first place?

A prosecutor can only bring a matter before a court/tribunal if a prima facie case has been established first. This implies that evidence is known to be available and witnesses have been lined up to support the prosecution's case.  

What boggles the mind is the confusion created by revelations that the charges were withdrawn pending further investigations.

This leads to many questions. One of such questions is: Could it be that the prosecution failed to prove its case during the hearing leading to failure to acquittal on charges of match-fixing? Or, did the prosecutor discover that the case was too weak to secure a conviction and withdrew the charges before the hearing commenced?

Only ZIFA and its lawyer can provide such answers. They have to be ready to answer all these questions when they face the ZIFA Assembly this weekend. Such questions will surely be asked, and answers will have to be provided. 


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