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Date: 20 April 2019

  Southern African - Soccer

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Jordaan to contest a FIFA Exec.position

[Posted 05 Nov 2010]
[By Brighton Mupangavanhu]
Danny Jordaan to contest for a FIFA post!

Southern Africa's most decorated football administrator, Dr. Danny Jordaan, the current Chief Executive Officer of the World Cup Organising Committee in South Africa, has been nominated by South African Football Association for a FIFA Executive Committee post.

Fresh from the successful orgnisation of the first ever World Cup on African soil, Jordaan has accepted nomination for a position on the all powerful 24-men Fifa Executive committee, responsible for making major decisions in world football like selecting World Cup tournament hosts.

Africa has four places reserved for the continent on the 24-strong Fifa committee. Jordaan, who is not yet a member of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) executive, now wants to go for the jugular and contest for a FIFA post.

"The World Cup profile is a big help.

"It is important for me that Africa feels I can make a contribution," Jordaan told Reuters recently.

Jordaan intends to garner the support of nations on the African continent, and to achieve this, he plans to go around the continent looking for support for his election.

Two of Africa's four positions on the Fifa EXCO are up for grabs in the next elections in February 2011, and Jordaan will be taking an aim at one of these posts.

One of these positions which are now up for re-election include the one currently held by beleagured Nigeria, Amos Adamu, who was provisionally suspended by FIFA last month following vote-selling allegations carried widely by Britain's popular tabloid The Sunday Times.

It is reported that Adamu intends to hold onto his position if FIFA does not expel him after the conclusion of the investigations and enquiry by FIFA's Ethis Committee. The inquiry's results are expected soon.

The second position up for re-election is that of Ivory Coast Football Federation president Jacques Anouma, who has not come out clearly on whether he will seek re-election or not.

The elections for the two African positions will be done at the CAF congress in Khartoum, Sudan next year. Nominations for the positions are due to close on 23 November this year. SAFA has already made its own nomination, and Danny Jordaan is their man!

The former teacher and politician, Jordaan, is a popular figure, not only in Southern Africa, but on the entire continent, after his sterling work in leading South Africa to winning the rights to host the World Cup as well as managing the succesful tournament in June.

While victory will surely not come for Jordaan in a silver platter, Southern, Eastern and parts of Central Africa are expected to throw their weight behind Jordaan because of the close historical ties between COSAFA and CECAFA nations.

The culture in world football has been that for a person to successfully get election onto the FIFA EXCO, one should have served in the executive of his continental governing body, which Jordaan has not yet done. That could be the only weakness in Jordaan's candidature.

However, it doesn't appear like a law that one should make his way up the ranks of continental football to qualify as a candidate for nomination for a FIFA post. Besides, Jordaan has become popular on the continent and has proven his ability in running football.

Jordaan is currently a member of the FIFA team that is going around the world inspecting venues ear-marked for hosting world cup matches among bidding nations for 2018 and 2022 World Cups. That is a testament of how highly rated Jordaan is in world football governance.


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