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Date: 24 April 2019

  Zimbabwean - Soccer

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FA Cup for 2011 in Zim?

[Posted 12 Nov 2010]
[By Beezsports Editor]
ZIFA hope to re-launch the FA Cup in 2011

The Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) has mulled plans to re-introduce the FA cup in 2011 to boost the quality of the domestic game.

The last time the FA cup was played in Zimbabwe was in 2008, and then it was sponsored by the Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe and was known as the CBZ FA Cup. CAPS United, renowed Cup Kings of Zimbabwean football won the last edition of the cup.

Following controversial and near shambolic handling of the national coach matter and match-fixing allegations, Zimbabwean football is definitely crying out for a breath of fresh air.

Zifa, interestingly, believe that they can turn around the fortunes of a national game whose quality of administration is fast deteriorating by re-introducing the  $500 000 FA Cup. 

"We are looking at reviving the FA Cup and we have come up with a budget of US$500 000.

"This we hope will go a long way in turning around the fortunes of domestic football, motivating teams and players from all leagues as they know that they have a chance of being spotted for national teams.

"Zifa is committed to the development of our game and making sure that football gets the much-needed sponsorship for clubs' survival and developing the sport," Elliot Katsu, Zifa board member for Finance said.

Zifa have not however, given the source of the funding. It remains unclear if the government will afford to bankroll the US$3.5 million budget that the association is dreaming of for 2011. The FA prize money appears to be part of the projected 2011 budget. 

Winners of the FA cup have often won the ticket to represent the country in the CAF Confederations Cup.

The BancABC Sup8r competition has been Zimbabwe's premier knockout tournament in the last couple of years. CAPS won the the cup in 2009 and represented the country in the CAF competition this year. The winners of the 2010 edition are yet to be decided.

Sponsors are attracted to any sporting discipline by a good number of factors, but chief among them is the kind of mileage they can get out of sponsoring a cup. Such benefits are intricately associated with the image of the sport and the quality of administration which that sport enjoys.

Potential sponsors have been scared away by chronic leadership challenges at the Zifa House over the years, and the game in the country has struggled to attract good sponsors.

The current crop of leadership led by respected businessman Cuthbert Dube lit a flame of hope among many soccer lovers that sponsors would be lured back to the game, but just a few months into office, the new board has brought enough chaos into national football to convince many fans that our beautiful game is better-off without their shenanigans. 


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