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Date: 24 April 2019

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AWC champs accuse E/Guinea of gender cheating

[Posted 17 Nov 2010]
[By Brighton Mupangavanhu]
Nigeria has asked CAF to investigate the gender status of two E/Guinea players

The newly crowned CAF African Women Champions the Super Falcons of Nigeria have torched sports' latest gender controversy by accusing former champions Equatorial Guniea of fielding players with questionable gender status during the CAF: AWC finals.

Nigeria's Women national soccer team (the Falcons') management has already referred a matter to CAF in which they have requested the continental mother body to investigate the gender of E/Guinea's two players who took part in the just ended AWC finals in South Africa.

The Falcons defeated E/Guinea 4-2 in the final match played at Sinaba Stadium in Daveyton over the weekend to displace their rivals as African champions and retain a title which had become identifiable with Nigeria until their fellow West Africans wrestled it away from them a few years ago.

It is not clear what the nature of Nigeria's complaint is, but it appears that they are concerned about the appearances of two E/Guinea players.

"CAF should do something about Equatorial Guinea so that Africa will not be embarrassed at the World Cup final next year in Germany," is all that the Super Falcons' coach Eucharia Uche could say.

"This appeal is being done for the sake of Africa. It is not as if we are doing this because they beat us. Our players beat Equatorial Guinea square and fair, and there are no questions about our superiority.

"It will be too bad for us and also embarrassing when we get to the World Cup and other teams start to complain about the players. It will really distract us," Uche added.

Banyana Banyana who lost to E/Guinea and Ghana who lost to the same opponents in the group stages, both complained about the two players in question.

It is telling that the Super Falcons who beat E/Guinea in the final have complained against their opponents.

Recently Africa was mired in a sports controversy when South Africa's Caster Semenya's gender status was questioned. Despite her masculine looks, Semenya, it has since been established, is a female who qualifies to compete with other females in athletics events.

Proving that a person is not of the gender he/she purports to represent is a tall order as evidenced by the Semenya case.

It remains to be seen if Nigeria will succeed in their complaint against the two Equatorial Guinea players in question.


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