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Date: 25 April 2019

  Zimbabwean - Soccer

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Interview with Cephas Chimedza

[Posted 18 Nov 2010]
[By Brighton Mupangavanhu]
Cephas Chimedza

Beezsports Editor, Brighton Mupangavanhu (BM) spoke to former Zimbabwe Footballer of the Season Cephas Chimedza (CC) and below is the interview.

BM: Hie Cephas. Thanks for agreeing to speak to would you describe life and soccer in Belgium ever since you moved to that country?
CC:  Life in Belgium is a bit dull for me because of the lack of fellow Zimbabweans so the social life is not what I was used to back home; football wise, Belgium is behind, you can see from the teams that participate in the European games. The level is low.

BM: Lets talk about last season, probably one of your best seasons in Belgium to date. You played very well and scored about 6 goals playing as a central midfielder, how do you feel about your form last season, what led to those inspired performances?
CC: Last season I played very well because I was finally being appreciated in Belgium. I played only half season at Germinal Beerschot in 2005, so in my 1st year with Sint Truiden people were not looking at my perfomances but were just convinced that I was a bad boy. In my 2nd year we were relegated so its normal not to perform well in a struggling team. Then in the 2nd division I played well but just because its in the lower division the recognition is not the same. Finally last year being my final year with STVV I had to show my true colours because I wanted to move.

BM: You were reportedly out injured and you haven't featured much for St' Truiden this season. Have you recovered now?
CC:  I had a knee operation on the 21st of May (this year), so I haven't been in action this season.

BM: St' Truiden did not start the season as u did previously, and you are in the relegation zone, what would you attribute the slump in form to?
CC: STVV hasn't started the season well because they lost 4 key players,myself included. Its like Chelsea losing Petr Cech,J terry, Essien and Lampard.

BM: Does your injury have anything to do with the team's poor form?
CC:  My contract with the team ended (at the end of last season) so my injury doesnt play a part there.

BM: Given your great form last season, it was reported that you went for trials in Holland in May. Can you confirm the rumours. What was the outcome of the interest from the Dutch club?
CC:  I did not go for trials but they ( Feyenoord ) were following me during the season and were very much interested but the I  got injured before signing.

BM: There were rumours that you had retired from international football and that you would not turn out for the Warriors in future. Is this true?
CC: I cant really say I have retired but I have excused myself from selection till a time I feel things are being done professionally because with all that happens with that team (the Warriors) it is the players who are affected the most and can't prepare well for games.

BM: What do you think about the Warriors coach saga? Tom Saintfeit was appointed under controversial circumstances, and he now can not take up his role as coach because of permit issues. The Warriors are now left without a coach, which affected their focus on 10 October.
CC: It has always been like that with our Zifa leadership over the years,people putting personal interests ahead of the good of the team. I think they should have left Mapeza in charge at least for the Cape Verde match because there wasn't enough time for a foreign coach to know the players.

BM: How well-known is Tom Saintfeit in his own native Belgium? Is he considered national team coaching material by the Belgians?
CC: Tom (Saintfeit) was a match analyst this side and he didnt coach any team in the highest division during my time here and most people I asked about him dont know him.

BM: Local or foreign coach for the Warriors? What is the best way forward in your opinion?
CC:  For me its has to be a local coach because he knows and understands Zim players. He knows about the problems the team faces and will not be frustrated easily by those kind of things like players boycotting trainings because of payments, not having a bus ready for training sessions and so on.

BM: Thanks Cephas for your time. Now finally, what are your future plans with your career? Do you consider returning to the local premiership, and which team would be your first choice should you choose to wind down your career in Zimbabwe

CC: I have been out of action since May so at the moment all I'm thinking about is being 100% fit. I  haven't thought about returning home, but if ever I come back, I would love to play for Bosso (Highlanders FC). 


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