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Date: 25 April 2019

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Barcelona embarrass Mourinho's Madrid

[Posted 30 Nov 2010]
[By Brighton Mupangavanhu]
Messi outshined Ronaldo as Barca humiliated Real Madrid 5-0 last night

It was a result that no-one ever dreamt of or imagined. Though it may sound stranger than fiction, it is the true result of the match. Barcelona beat Real Madrid 5-0 in the first El Clasico of the Spain's La Liga season on Monday night at the Camp Nou.

Unbeaten in the La Liga this season, Jose Mourinho's Madrid had a nightmarish outing at Camp Nou last night.

Barcelona's victory was such sweet revenge for coach Pep Guardiola whose team was knocked out of the Champions League by Mourinho's former club Inter Milan last season.

Such was the dominance of Lionel Messi and company, that Barca were 2-0 up after only 17 minutes at Camp Nou, thanks to strikes from  Xavi and Pedro Rodriguez, Spain's World Cup stars.

David Villa then added a brace in the 54th and 56th minutes, before second half substitute Jeffren added a late fifth to complete the merciless rout of the Galactico.

Barcelona, who have already been beaten once in the La Liga, have now moved two points clear of their arch-rivals, and with a better goal difference.

Barca have now replaced Real on top and now sit on 34 points, with a goal difference of +30. Real are in second with 32 points and a goal difference of +22. 

Lionel Messi was the star of the Barca show, as he tore Real defence into shreds last night. He created most of the goals scored by his team mates, despite being on the receiving end of some of the crunchiest of tackles from the Real defence, especially Ricardo Carvalho.

Real's Portuguese coach Mourinho admitted after the match that his club had played second fiddle, but maintains the Galactico were not humiliated.

"One team played to their potential and one didn't.

"Loss, yes - humiliation, no. It was a defeat we deserved, we just weren't good enough," Mourinho said after the match.

The Special One believes that his team's defeat is not an indication that they have already lost the plot in the La Liga. The two-time Champions League winner with Porto and Inter Milan refuses to throw in the towel yet.

"...the championship isn't over today.

"We are two points behind the leaders but there are lots of games left to play.

"We have to show character, train hard and get back to winning. I wish we were playing tomorrow,"  the Special One wished.

While Guardiola is cautious not to read much into the sweet victory on Monday night, he realises how important the win is for boosting the Barca players' confidence in the season.

"We are proud because the world has seen us play the way we like to play," said Guardiola

"I would like to take more points from Madrid but it's not possible. That team, with all that power, are just two points behind, but we are satisfied," the victorious Barca coach added. 

The Catalan club has now notched five straights wins in the El Clasico under Guardiola's leadership.


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