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Date: 24 April 2019

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Zim 12th best in CAF club rankings

[Posted 04 Dec 2010]
[By Brighton Mupangavanhu]
CAF has released the top 12 ranked nations in terms of club performances in CAF competitions

The Confederation of African players revealed on Friday the entry procedures for CAF Club competitions, the Champions League and the Confederation Cup editions for 2011.

Countries were ranked according to the performances of their club representatives in the past five years, between 2005 and 2009.

Countries whose qualified for the Champions league stages or the mini-league stage of the Confederations Cup. Countries whose clubs were knocked out of the Caf competitions appear to have missed out completely on getting any points.

According to the criteria used by Caf, 5 points were awarded to countries for winning the Champions league final, 4 points for runners up. Semi-finalists received 3 points for their efforts, those who finished their respective groups in third place earned 2 points, while fourth-placed teams received only 1 point.

The points  received were then multiplied by a co-efficient of 1-5 between the year 2005 and 2009 respectively.

The  new club rankings show that North African teams dominate the top 12 national rankings in terms of club performances in terms of the period under review. North Africa provides the leading team, Tunisia and four other teams, second-placed Egypt, 4th placed Sudan, 6th placed Algeria and Morocco in 7th place.

West Africa provides the second highest number, Nigeria who are ranked 4th, Mali who sit at number 8 and 10th placed Cote d'lvoire.

Central-East Africa- is represented by DR Congo who sit at number 5. The Congolese have provided consecutive winners for the past two years, 2009 and 2010, that is, TP Mazembe.

Southern Africa has two nations, the oil-rich Angola who are ranked 11th and economically struggling Zimbabwe who sit on 12th.

The major talking point has been the performances of teams from Zimbabwe, whose league remains unbranded for the past couple of years. 

The participation of clubs from the Southern African nation has been characterised by financial uncertainties, with clubs threatening to pull out of the CAF competitions for failing to raise funds to fly delegations to fulfill matches.

Often clubs such as Dynamos,Monomotapa, Gunners and CAPS United have in the past been helped to fulfill matches by the benevolence of their club directors, who have often had to dig deep from their pockets to fund travelling and other costs for the teams.

The struggling economy, which is currently showing signs of recovery, has not made the plight of Zimbabwean clubs any easier. 

For a country which  has gone through so much political and economic turmoil to manage to have teams which compete in the mini-league stages of the Champions league, has been nothing but remarkable. 

One can forgive Zimbabweans for believing that theirs is one of the best if not the league with the best talent on the continent. Zimbabwean players, despite lack of funding in their local leagues, continue to play soccer with so much passion that they have consistently done well in the CAF club competitions.

Below is the table of rankings released by CAF on Friday.




1.     Tunisia


2.     Egypt


3.     Nigeria


4.     Sudan


5.     RD Congo


6.     Algeria


7.     Morocco


8.     Mali


9.     Cameroon


10.Cote d’Ivoire










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