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Date: 22 April 2019

  Zimbabwean - Soccer

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Zim PSL due for a photo finish

[Posted 15 Dec 2010]
[By Brighton Mupangavanhu]
Mighty Bulls have the best opportunity to write their piece of history by winning their first title

The unbranded Zimbabwe Football Soccer League season has arguably been one of the most exciting leagues on the African continent this year, despite the financial difficulties which come with lack of sponsorship.

With one final round of matches to go, there is everything to look forward to for followers of the league and Zimbabwean soccer fans in particular. Only a few things have been decided, but the most important outcome, determination of champions, remains too close to call.

A few things have already been decided though.

Firstly, the identities of three of the four relegation candidates are known at this stage. FC Victoria of Masvingo, Zimbabwe's oldest town, Bantu Rovers of Bulawayo, second capital and Douglas Warriors of Rimuka in Kadoma have already been relegated to First Division streams.

Secondly, Zimbabwe's two representatives in the Champions League for 2011 are already known. Dynamos or Motor Action will finish the league race as either champions or runners up. 

At 63 points with a single match to go, no other team will be able to achieve 63 points, with the closest that 3rd placed Highlanders could come to being 57 points, which is still 6 points adrift.

One of the eagerly awaited outcomes of the 2010 soccer season in the PSL is the determination of the fourth candidate for relegation. There is sweating and anxiety in the camps of Black Mambas and Lengthens at the moment.

One of the two teams (Lengthens or Mambas) will survive relegation, while the unfortunate one will join the three already decided relegation candidates. Both are tied at 29 points, with Mambas sitting on a much healthier goal difference of -4, while Lengthens has a huge deficit of -18.

In the event that both The Happy People and the well-funded police team lose on Sunday, then Mambas will survive relegation,while Lengthens will join the already relegated trio.

Drawn results in the Dynamos/Mambas and Motor Action/Lengthens matches will have the same fate for Lengthens. The Happy People need nothing short of a victory and will have to pray that Mambas draw or lose their tie against title chasing Dynamos. 

On the other end of the log, the top side, drawn results for the matches featuring Motor Action and Dynamos will mean that the Mighty Bulls will lift their first ever league championship since their creation.

Many soccer analysts have made their predictions, with most of such predictions favouring the Mighty Bulls to win their first title ahead of Dynamos.

Majority views which favour a Mighty Bulls championship party come Sunday evening were summed up by Warriors legend John Phiri, coach of Shabanie Mine FC,who gave consistency as his reason for believing that Motor Action will emerge victorious in the dog fight for the title.

"This is a great opportunity for Motor Action and I donít see them losing to Lengthens at this crucial stage. They already have one hand on the title and such a feat doesnít easily come in the league", Phiri said.

"Motor Action are one team that has been very consistent throughout the season. They have a great fighting spirit and each time they suffered a setback, they quickly recovered with great showing. I think they are just too strong for Lengthens," Phiri added.

The possibility for an upset on the Sunday of decisions exists. Lengthens could surprise Motor Action and swim to safe waters, if Mambas lose or draw against Dynamos. Madinda Ndlovu's Mambas have been unpredictable of late and could suprise Dynamos like Kiglon did a short while ago.

Whatever happens on Sunday will not take away from this season the fact that it has been one of the liveliest soccer seasons in modern day times in Zimbabwe.

Surely if sponsors do not see the reason for coming on board to support one of Zimbabwe's most consistently successful sport in the past few years, then there will not be any better time.


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