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Date: 24 April 2019

  Eastern African - Soccer

Kenya Premier Soccer League: 2013
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Kenya Premier Soccer League: 2012
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Uganda (Bell Lager) Super League: 2011-2012
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Kenya Premier Soccer League: 2011
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[Posted 26 Jan 2011]
[By Charles Malingha]

Uganda Revenue Authority F.C shifted to the second position in the Uganda Super League after defeating Police F.C 3-0 in Lugazi Stadium Kampala.


Stephen Bengo successfully converted a 40 minute penalty, following a box foul to veteran defender Simon Masaba. Diego Hamis scored the second goal after a brilliant finish of Dan Wagaluka’s cross in the 52nd minute to the back of the net.


Penny’s 92nd minute goal from Dan Wagaluka’s cross sealed the tax collector’s opportunity to snatch three points with three goals from the law enforcers, which pushed the three times champions to the second position of Uganda’s top league with 22 points in 11 matches.


In other fixtures, Proline football club beat Fire masters 1-0 at Nakivubo Stadium. Allan Sskamate’s side moved to the fourth position, thanks to a 25th minute goal from  Patrick Edema.


Fire Master’s loss was attributed to negligence of the goal keeper who moved away from the goal, allowing Prolines’s striker to push the ball to an empty net.


Bunamwaya defeated Gulu united 1-0 at Peace Stadium in Gulu. Hamis Ssekeba’s 26th minute Goal was a nightmare to the northerners extending their loss to 10 out of 13 games.


The northerners have only managed to snatch 3 points, implying three draws, making it the bottom team in league, facing the relegation knife.


The defending champions’ triumph was instrumental in increasing their chances of lifting the trophy in a row, moving to 3rd position with 21points in 11 matches, with six goals behind the 2nd URA F.C, though both with 21 points.


Bunamwaya is 4 points behind table leaders KCC F.C



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