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Date: 23 April 2019

  Zimbabwean - Soccer

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Zambia in age-cheating claims

[Posted 26 Jan 2011]
[By Brighton Mupangavanhu]
Zambia to refer an age-cheating claim to CAF

The Zambian Under 23 national soccer team which was booted out of the All Africa games by Zimbabwe's Young Warriors on a 4-3 aggregate last Sunday, have claimed that their opponents used four over-aged players, and will therefore refer their complaint to the Confederation of African Football.

Team Manager for the losing young Chipolopolo side, Jeff Chipilingu is adamant that Zimbabwe used four unidentified over-aged players in the second leg against his team.

What is surprising in Chipilingu's claims is that the same Zimbabwean team which hosted Zambia last Sunday at Rufaro stadium for a return leg, played against the Zambians in their own backyard, beating them 3-2. 

There were no claims of age-cheating in the first leg, but following the 1-1 draw on Sunday, which confirmed the Zambians' elimination, Chipilingu cried foul and alleges that Zambia's Southern neighbours used ineligible players.

Apparently the Zambians played last weekend's second leg under protest, and the Zambian team manager has vowed to take steps to remedy what he believe is an unfair situation.

“We shall as within the stipulated time frame of 48 hours lodge in an appeal with the organisers because it is not right to cheat in these competitions.

"Four over-aged players played in the match (on Sunday) and helped them win,” Chilipingu claimed.

The Match Commissioner for Sunday's crucial clash checked the passports of the players in question following the claims by the Zambians during the pre-match meeting.

According to reports from Harare, the official did not find anything amiss with the home team's players in question, and allowed them to take part in the 2nd leg.

There are three possible outcomes in the inquiry which could follow from CAF.

CAF will have to read the report of the match commissioner, and could make a decision only based on his report. This could possibly lead to the dismissal of Zambia's claims, or further investigations.

Secondly if Zimbabwe is found to have cheated in the competition, the Young Warriors will be booted out of the competition, and the Zambians will go through to the next stage of the qualifiers in their place.

Thirdly, if CAF investigates the matter and finds in favour of the Zimbabweans, the Zambians' case will fail and Zimbabwe will proceed to meet Botswana in the second round of the All Africa Games qualifiers.


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