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Date: 20 April 2019

  South African - Soccer

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Demand delays Musona's Germany move

[Posted 20 Jul 2011]
[By Brighton Mupangavanhu]
Chiefs" Golden boy in demand. This should benefit his development rather than derailing it

Kaizer Chiefs and Zimbabwe senior national team star striker Knowledge Musona's stoke in Europe appears to rise, but a the same time may threaten to scupper his poposed move to TSG 1899 Hoffenheim because of the increasing demand of the player.

Negotiations between Chiefs Hoffenheim,which should have concluded while Musona and Bobby Motaung, Team Manager for the South African team were in Germany, could not be finalised because of apparently one sticking point-Chiefs' increasing asking price.

News reports pegged Musona's value at a ridiculously low figure of R15 million, and Motaung was on record saying that they had not intention to put their star player on auction by demanding a huge asking price.

Enter Scotland's Glasgow Celtic! Things appear to have changed when the Scottish giants made a firm offer of much more than the R16 million that the Germans have put on the table.

Now, Chiefs are reportedly  holding out for more than their initial asking price. But can you blame Chiefs in a business of selling players, which is like any other business is governed by laws of demand and how the demand of a product on a market tends to increase the product's worth.

And Musona's stock has been rising since last season. In fact, the player's development appeared to have been blighted by injuries and a deep in form mid-season. Yet the youngster, a product of the famed Aces Academy in Harare, bounced back in style, and ended the season as the Glden Boot winner, but lost out on Footballer of the Season award.

The growing interest from Germany and the UK should not be surprising, especially to those who have watced the young player's career blossom to dizzy heights within two years. Thats why Chiefs' initial valuation of the player at R15m was such a shock.

It is rumoured that Glasgow Celtic have dangled a carrot of not less than R20m in front of Chiefs, and Hoffenheim can only pray that their "record" of developing African players will lure Musona to Germany, and away from Celtic's UEFA Champions League action this season.

Understandably, Hoffenheim's Sporting Director Ernst Tanner has not yet lost hope in prizing the hot property away from Naturena, but reckons the tug of war has boiled down to who has deeper pockets.

“It could end up being down to money, “ Tanner told AFP in Germany yesterday.

“We hope that he will come because he is a very good prospect,” he added 

“We are still in discussions and trying to find a possible solution. He is a technically very well-trained player who will improve and was immediately accepted by the team.”

Whatever happens between now and end of next week must not leave a sour taste in the mouth, especially for Chiefs and more importantly for the player. It is Musona's career future at stake here.

But one is tempted to argue that there is nothing wrong with a team that holds righs to a player in holding out for the best offer on the market.

Chiefs are however better advised to carefully seek advice on the valuation of their players before putting out a figure out to the media, if at all the figure of R15/16 million emanated from Naturena.


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