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Date: 20 April 2019

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ENGLAND: Man U humiliate Arsenal 8-2

[Posted 29 Aug 2011]
[By Brighton Mupangavanhu]
ENGLAND: Man U humiliate Arsenal 8-2

Arsenal Football Club has never been at its lowest ebb since 1896 and for Arsene Wenger to say that he feels "hurt" by Sunday's 8-2 thrashing at the hands of Manchester United at Old Trafford, is almost an understatement.

To the Gunners' fans, such a humiliation is something akin to treason and more questions will be asked following this heavy defeat than anyone is prepared to proffer any answers and solutions to Arsenal's loss of form in the recent days leading to Sunday. 

Following an earlier 5-1 Manchester City victory over Tottenham Hotspurs in an earlier Barclays Premier Soccer League match, the Red Devils were inspired to return to the top of the table, and what an inspiration they showed against the hapless Gunners!

Wayne Rooney weighed in with his sixth Old Trafford career hattrick, while Ashley Young contribued a brace, Park-Ji-Sung, Nani and Danny Welbeck added a goal apiece to complete the massacre over Wenger's Gunners.

Theo Walcot and Robin van Persie attempted to minimise the damage in the 45th minute and 74th minute respectively, but there was no stopping Man U from inflicting the worst damage on Arsenal in the recent times.

Arsenal took to the field without most of their regulars, and following the departure of big name players like Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri to Barcelona and Manchester City respectively during the summer, Man U took complete advantage of the situation.

Gunners captain van Persie, who scored the other consolation goal  conceded that the loss of players through injury and transfers was no excuse for the team's dismissal performance against the Red Devils.

Wenger is under pressure to spend and bring in reinforcements before the transfer deadline arrives on Wednesday. The Frenchman understandably feels humilated by his worst day in office ever since he took over in 1996.

"Of course you feel humiliated when you concede eight goals," said the Arsenal boss.

"It was a terrible day," Wenger added

The Arsenal boss further explained the reason for his team's dismal performance at Old Trafford on Sunday.

"We had a lot of players out and we have played only five games. We collapsed physically towards the end but we had eight players out," Wenger explained.

Even Sir Alex Ferguson agrees that the situation could have been different had Gunners' top players been all available and that Arsenal will continue to be a big opponent despite this defeat. He also had some kind words for his big opponent in English football.

"He (Wenger) has been a big adversary and will continue to be when he gets his big players back.

"We live in a cynical world these days and the media are so cut-throat.

"It is hard to understand at times, but the job he has done for 15 years now is phenomenal.

"He has introduced a philosophy of football and a way of playing and has brought in entertaining players and has sold fantastically well. I respect that," Ferguson lept to the defence of Wenger.

Wenger is fighting tooth and nail to bring to the Emirates before 2300 BST on Wednesday, Monaco's South Korean striker Park Chu-Young and Bolton's strong defender Gary Cahill. 

Wenger insists that there is money available, and that he is struggling to get the right calibre of players who could fit well into the Arsenal playing culture.

"We have to find the right players and if we do we will sign them. We have the money and if we find players to strengthen the team we will do it. If we don't do it, it is because we haven't found them.

"I try to make the right decisions and the two players we sold [Fabregas and Nasri], I brought them to the club. In 15 years I have brought some good players.

"You know me, so you should give me some more time to see if I have got it completely wrong," he told the English media following the 8-2 loss on Sunday.

Arsenal's Sunday loss was not the worst in the history of topflight football in England. Man U beat Ipswich 9-0 in March 1995, while Tottenham Hotspurs overpowered Wigan 9-1 in November 2009.

The Gunners have themselves enjoyed high scoring wins in the past. In May 2005, Wenger's boys defeated Everton 7-0, a victory which they followed up with an identical thrashing of Middlesbrough in January 2006.


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