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Date: 24 April 2019

  Zimbabwean - Soccer

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Mbada Diamonds Cup worth US$1m unveiled

[Posted 01 Sep 2011]
[By Beezsports Editor]
Mbada Diamonds Cup worth US$1m unveiled

The US$1 million Mbada Diamond Cup was unveiled last night a function held in Harare, and will see all the 16 Castle Lager Premier Soccer League  teams competing for the ground-breaking tournament which is billed as the biggest ever soccer competition in Zimbabwean football.

A draw for the 16 PSL teams will be conducted on Friday 16 September this year to determine the first round opponents up until the final.

Sponsors have confirmed that winners of the Mbada Diamond Cup will pocket a cheque of $75 000, and as the country's representatives in the CAF Confederations Cup, they are guaranteed a further $150 000, which will cover airtickets and accommodation needs.

"We take pride to inform you of our novel corporate social initiative in the form of a 16-team Premier Soccer League knockout tournament which will be known as the Mbada Diamonds Cup.

"This prestigious tournament shall officially be launched on Friday 16 September 2011 and it is bankrolled at a value of US$1 million which we believe is the biggest sponsorship in the history of Zimbabwean soccer.

"The tournament will see the winners pocketing US$75 000, a floating trophy and US$150 000 worth of accommodation and air tickets sponsorship subsidy to participate in the Caf Confederation Cup," revealed Mbada media consultant Ignatius Mazura.

It seems that there will be more spin-offs for a team that will take part in the CAF Conf Cup, with further revelations of a kit sponsorship and other benefits yet to be revealed.

"Further this subsidy shall be used to procure US$25 000 worth of kit sponsorship bearing Mbada Diamonds (Pvt) Ltd logo for use during the 2012 Caf Confederation Cup tournament while the runners up will pocket US$50 000.

"The full package for this tournament will be announced during the launch of the Mbada Diamonds Cup and the venue will be announced in due course.

"This is the latest in a series of protects to plough back to local communities and what better way than to support the local football game,'' Mazura added.

The Mbada consultant took time to explain the company's vision for joning forces with the PSL.

"Playing as a team builds a sense of co-operation and confidence among individual players and comradeship among team supporters. Competition improves the quality of the game and brings out the best in players and it is our hope that the Mbada Diamonds Cup tournament will bring out champions and soccer stars from the participating teams," Mazura said.

Mazura further emphasised the hope of his company that the PSL and participating teams will maintain professionalism through out the tournament.

"It is our hope that the players and administrators will maintain a high standard of professionalism and sportsmanship during the tournament," the Mbada consultant said.


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