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Date: 21 March 2019

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ENGLAND: Redknapp to coach England at Euro finals?

[Posted 12 Sep 2011]
[By Brighton Mupangavanhu]
ENGLAND: Redknapp to coach England at Euro finals?

Respected Tottenham Hotspurs coach Harry Redknapp is being rumoured to be on his way to coaching England at the 2012, according to gossip doing the rounds in English sports columns over the weekend.

That Redknapp will succeed Fabio Capello is long a fogrone conclusion in England, as the English media sees no better man to take over as  the Three Lions coach.

What is debatable though is the accuracy of reports suggesting that the English Football Association prefers to install the Spurs boss to manage England at the Euro finals.

Capello is due to relinguish his coaching role after the Euro 2012 finals, but the ground swell of opinion in England is that Redknapp must assume the England coaching role even at the Euro finals.

There is pessimism regarding the Italian coach's ability to steer England to a decent performance in Poland and Ukraine in 2012. Capello did not do his credentials any good by presiding England's lacklustre performance during the South Africa 2010 World Cup.

The People suggest that plans are afoot for the FA to parachute Reknapp into the position of England boss as an emergency plan to save face for England at the Euro finals.

The Sunday newspaper further claims that the FA planned to show Capello the door after the last World Cup finals, but backed away from the plan due to the estimated 12 million cost of jettisonning the Italian, which the FA considered too forbidding at the time.

Now with Capello's term of office just months away from expiring, it is rumoured in the corridors of power that paying him off is now a more attractive option than allowing him to oversee another lifeless show at the Euro finals. 

Meanwhile, Spurs are reported to have given the English FA the go ahead to speak to Redknpapp in view of him taking over from the Italian at the end of the Euro finals..


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