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Date: 22 March 2019

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SPAIN: Mourinho's two-match ban

[Posted 05 Oct 2011]
[By Beezsports Editor]
Mourinho"s eye gouging antics have cost him two matches on the sidelines from the Spanish FA


Jose Mourinho, the Real Madrid coach has been banned for two matches by the Spanish Football Federation for his conduct of jabbing a finger into the eye of Barcelona Assistant coach Tito Vilanova during a fierce brawl involving two sets of players during a Super Cup match.

Even though attention has centred on the Special One for the eye jabbing incident, the role of the Barca assistant coach has often gone untold. The truth is now out.

Vilanova in fact punched Mourinho during this brawl, something which probably led to the Special one's action which has attracted punishment from the Spanish FA. For all his trouble, the Barca coach has received a one match ban.

Three players, Madrid duo Marcelo and Mezut Ozil and Barca's David Villa were sent off by the referee for the commotion which marred the Ctalan club's 3-2 aggregate win over their bitter rivals on 17 August at Barca's home ground.

Television footages showed the Portuguese coach run towards Vilanova and poking his finger into his eye, in both comical and childish fashion to the amazement of many.

Many Spanish players, mostly from Barca have expressed their anger at Mourinho's actions, accusing the former Inter Milan and Chelsea coach of damaging the reputation of Spanish football. Even the Real Council is somewhat divided on actions to be taken against Mourinho.

The Spanish FA had to intervene despite Barcelona insiting after the match that they were not going to report the Special one for his conduct, apparently fearing the reprisals on their own assistant coach after it was discovered that he had a role in the brawl.


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