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Date: 24 March 2019

  Zimbabwean - Soccer

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Zim match-fixing Ethics Committee named

[Posted 26 Oct 2011]
[By Brighton Mupangavanhu]
Zim match-fixing Ethics Committee named

An independent Ethics Disciplinary Committee was commissioned by the Zimbabwe Football Association to begin a process of finalising the match-fixing allegations levelled against many professional soccer players, football adminstrators and other sports personalities in Zimbabwe.

Retired Supreme Court Judge Justice Ahmed Ebrahim has been placed at the helm of a six man committee which includes lawyers and a former police commissioner to deal with cases of 81 soccer players and 16 officials implicated in what has come to be known as the 'Asiagate Scandal' .

The head of the committee Justice Ebrahim is fired up for the task ahead.

"We will not shirk in our responsibility in bringing those who have transgressed to book, and I have to say that our committee is faced with a mammoth task," said Justice Ebrahim.

With respect to timeframes and terms of reference, it appears like the committee has not been given any constraints, and has the freedom to execute its task as it deems fit.

"We are not going to rush them at all, we will leave them to do their work independently and we will allow them to take as long as they need," Dube said at the commissioning of the committee.

Responding to fears that the planned disciplinary process may destroy the current national team, Dube says that his association is not pertubed by that eventuality and looks forward to a clean national team.

"People are worried that this might destroy the national team, but we have to have a team that is clean," added the Zifa president.

The Footballers Union of Zimbabwe has welcomed the decision by Zifa to finalise the Asiagate scandal.

"We are so happy that the committee is now in place and that our players now have the opportunity to highlight what truly happened.

"Our conviction is that players were manipulated and it's now up to the committee to establish that," FUZ Secretary General Paul Gundani said.

It is estimated that half of the Warriors team, the coach and his assistant are fingered in the so-called Asiagate scandal report compiled by the committee of inquiry led by Zifa Vice-President Ndumiso Gumede. 

Media reports carried stories of alleged confessions by soccer players, who apparently admitted to having been paid to throw national team matches in Asia between 2007 and 2009.

Interestingly the same players who are said to have confessed to match-fixing appear to be all singing a different tune now, arguing that the statements attributed to them in the press did not come from them.

There are very interesting, at worst worrying twist and turns, and a lot of grey areas in the match-fixing report prepared by Zifa, to an extent that Fifa had to decide to invite Henrietta Rushwaya to hear her side of the story, in an interview reported in Zimbabwean media to have taken place at some secret location in Europe in the past week.


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