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Date: 22 March 2019

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What could be behind Boateng's early retirement?

[Posted 08 Nov 2011]
[By Brighton Mupangavanhu]
Kevin Boateng pictured here with Asamoah Gyan at SA 2010 Fifa World Cup

One of the brightest ambassadors of African football,  Ghana's AC Milan talisman Kevin Prince Boateng has announced his retirement from international football only at the age of 24.

Boateng switched nationality from Germany to Ghana and played a pivotal role in the Black Stars fairytale run which was prematurely or rather cruelly ended by Uruguayan Louis Suarez's hand-of-God act in  a tense quarter-final clash.

Having played for Ghana in just 9 appearances, over a period of not more than 18 months, Boateng announced a few weeks ago that he was quiting the Ghanaian national team for health reasons.

The Ghana Football Association has confirmed, in a long statement, having received news of Boateng's international retirement.

"The Ghana FA has received a letter from player Kevin-Prince Boateng on his decision to resign from the Black Stars," a Ghana FA statement read.

"According to Kevin, the physical demands of playing for both club and country at high levels are taking a toll on his health.

"The player also explained that in order to remain healthy and stay off any injuries, he has consulted his doctors and family over the matter and has decided to take the decision to excuse himself from national duties since he is on a special training that he has to interrupt to honour national invitations.

The GFA, still reeling from the shock announcement by probably their most talented player in the Black Stars squad, are not able to comment on the sad development as yet.

"The Ghana FA is yet to take a position on the decision of Kevin-Prince Boateng," the GFA said in a  statement.

While health reasons have been cited for the shock international retirement, Beezsports believes that there  is more than meets the eye to this unfortunate development for African football.

There have been reports of bad blood between coach Goran Stevanovic during the Afcon 2012 campaign, and it is possible that the arrival of a new coach could see the talented AC Milan player coming out of retirement.

It will be a sad development for Ghanaian and African football if Boateng is to stick to his guns and refuse to rescind his decision to quit the national team.

With the return of Michael Essien to the national teamnot cast in stone, Ghana needs to be assured of the availability of a world class midfielder like Prince-Boateng. 


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