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Date: 24 April 2019

  Zimbabwean - Soccer

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News Headlines

ZTA to deliver Ghana friendly in September?

[Posted 01 Aug 2010]
[By Brighton Mupangavanhu]
Ghana v Zimbabwe at CHAN finals in 2009. Friendly on the cards.

The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority, organisers of the high profile friendly between the Warriors and Brazil in June, have been working behind the scenes to bring Africa's team of the moment, Ghana to Harare in September to play the Warriors.

ZTA's plans for yet another high profile friendly already hang in the balance following the controversies emanating from the management of the proceeds from the Brazil match.

New Zimbabwe newspaper reveals that a Swiss agency which handles all television rights issues related to Brazil's matches, Kentaro, is threatening legal action against ZIFA for a claim of approximately $650 000. Kentaro claims that that amount is due to them from the portion of gate takings and TV rights. Kentaro claims that it has a binding contract with ZIFA signed by the CEO Henrietta Rushwaya.

“The contract states that all revenues generated from the distribution of any TV rights related to the friendly match belong solely to Kentaro as well as all advertising rights except those specifically granted to ZIFA”, New Zimbabwe quotes Kentaro's representative Phillip Grothe as having stated.

“Furthermore, all ticket revenues generated from the match are to be retained by Kentaro. In this matter we have already asked Zifa to provide us with information regarding the number of tickets sold in each category and gross revenues generated by their sale. To our discomfort we have not yet received any answer from ZIFA regarding this matter”, Grothe added.

New Zimbabwe reports that ZIFA has apparently distanced itself from the matter which it stands accused of. ZIFA President Cuthbert Dube claims that  Rushwaya, who it is claimed, signed the contract, did so on behalf of ZTA and not ZIFA, claims which ZTA appears to be confirming.

“(The ZTA) brought Brazil here, not ZIFA. Rushwaya had to sign the contract on our behalf because we are not a football body. But she was supposed to sign a contract reflecting everything we had agreed and we were supposed to retain the revenue from the gates,” ZTA CEO Karokoga Kaseke told the Sunday Mail newspaper.

Kaseke accuses the Swiss agency of having tempered with the contract which was signed on behalf of the ZTA by Rushwaya, and inserted a controversial clause giving TV rights to Kentaro.

“I can’t understand what Kentaro are now saying, but I believe they altered the contract and inserted that clause”, claims Kaseke.

ZIFA on their side, have promised to respond to Kentaro's demands for an immediate answer, and they will only deliver a response by 20 August after seeking legal advice on the matter.

The controversy is likely to cost the Warriors a much needed high profile friendly match as they seek to qualify for the Nations Cup finals in 2012, after having missed out on the 2008 and 2010 editions in Ghana and Angola respectively. Kaseke is now threatening to cancely the Ghana friendly.

“Our purpose is really not football, it’s about branding. We don’t do these things for money and we are now seriously considering cancelling the Ghana friendly match on September 8 because of all this", threatened Kaseke.

The Warriors are due to play Botswana in a low key friendly match on Wednesday where only locally-based players will be used. ZIFA has also claimed that another friendly match is being organised for the 11th August, even though they haven't secured any opponent for such an important FIFA  date reserved for friendly matches.



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