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Date: 24 March 2019

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ENGLAND: Racism-accused Suarez in mid finger row

[Posted 06 Dec 2011]
[By Brighton Mupangavanhu]
ENGLAND: Racism-accused Suarez in mid finger row

It certainly never rains for Liverpool's gifted but controversial Luiz Suarez after the Uruguayan was provoked to walk into the eye of yet another storm following his middle-finger-like gesture to Fulham fans following a bitter 1-0 loss by Liverpool at Craven Cottage on Monday night.

Suarez who faces a racism probe following accusations that he racially abused Manchester United's defender Patrice Evra earlier this season, apparently reacted badly to abusive chants from the Craven Cottage fans during the match.

Through out the match, Suarez was hackled and booed by fans who accused him of diving at the slightest of touches from opponents in the box. Fans chanted "Cheat! Cheat!Cheat!" each time the Liverpool star moved closer to the by-line.

Incensed  by the fans'behaviour, Suarez appeared to have taken it upon himself to respond to the fans'abuse.

On his way out of the stadium following the loss, Suarez appeared to have clearly lifted the middle finger in an attempt to get even with the fans.

Asis alwaysthe case, photographers never allowed such a moment to pass them by, and as they say, Suarez was  caught right in the act, with a clear show of the middle finger.

It is difficult to see how Suarez will attempt to defend this latest accusation. It is highly likely that if he is shown the television footages and the pictures, Suarez will elect to plead guilty,if he is charged.

Liverpool coach Kenny Dalgish gave a well considered response when asked to comment about the incident.

"I haven't see the picture and I'm not taking anybody's word for it," said Dalgish.

"If you show me the picture and I'm convinced that what you're saying is true, then I'vegot  a decision to make," Dalgish added.

The Liverpool boss however intimated that the referee should  have somehow protected Suarez aftermany crude tackles he endured from the opposition defence through out the match, which could have given the player a sense of having been exposed.

In response to a post-match interview question as to whether he thinks Suarez is a cheat, Dalgish had this to say:

"That's scandalous. We'll look after Luis as best we can, and I think it's about time he got a bit of protection from some people."

Controversy appears to be Suarez's middle name. During the Fifa World Cup 2010,South Africa, Suarez becme the object of African fans' dislike and to some extent hatred after he appeared to have deliberately punched away a goal bound strike by Stephen Appiah in a quarter-final tie against Ghana during the last minute of the match.

Uruguay went on to win the tie and advanced to the semi-finals at the expense of Ghana following a penalty shoot-out.   



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