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Date: 24 March 2019

  Zimbabwean - Soccer

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Pasuwa may extend Dynamos contract

[Posted 29 Dec 2011]
[By Brighton Mupangavanhu]
Pasuwa may extend Dynamos contract

Following the reported break-down of negotiations for contract extention  and a public fall-out between Dynamos' title winning coach Calisto Pasuwa  and the Kenny Mubaiwa-led executive, it appeared like the former  Dembare player was on his way out of the club.

Well, if the Dynamos board will have its way, and if the Chunga magical touch has full effect, the Dynamos fans will have their idolised coach back at the helm of a club he led in November to their first championship in four years.

It is not only the board and the fans who are unhappy with the amateurish manner the Mubaiwa executive handled the contract negotiations with Pasuwa, even the Zimbabwe Soccer Coaches Union led by illustrious Dembare son Moses  'Bambo Chunga' has  thrown its weight behind calls for the extension of Pasuwa's contract.

Yesterday Chunga,who is chairperson of the new coaches' union, met with Mubaiwa to try and knock some sense into the executive whose public spat with the soft-spoken coachover talks break-down is a perfect example of public relations that have gone terribly wrong.

After the two parties failed to reach common grounds on salary figures of $4000 (as proposed by Pasuwa)  and $3000 which was offered by the Dynamos executive, Mubaiwa came out with guns blazing, inexplicably attacking  Pasuwa for involving third parties (Pasuwa's lawyers) in contract negotiations, which, according to the best wisdom of the Dynamos  Chaiperson, was a matter  reserved  for the employer and employee.

To his credit, Pasuwa has maintained his cool, and has even insisted that he remains willing to continue engaging the Dynamos executive over thecontract extension. That attitude gave the ZSCU the energy to engage Dynamos to try and break the impasse.

Now it appears that the negotiations could soon get back on track, but  Chunga remains modest  of his mediating role and prospects of success at this stage.

"I wouldn't want to pre-empt the details of the discussion but we had a good full meeting with Mubaiwa and we are happy that the Dynamos leadership gave us the opportunity to talk with them.

"Actually we were not trying to find out who was wrong or who was right but as a coaches' body we are concerned when such things involving coaches happen in our football.

"It's unfortunate that it appears some of the things have been blown out of proportion by the media but we felt that there should have been a lot of interaction between the coach and the Dynamos leadership," the 2009 championship winning  coach Chunga told the Herald.

The mediating efforts of Chunga under the banner of ZSCU must have been effective as the Dynamos chairperson has softened his stance towards Pasuwa and the contract negotiations.

"We had planned to move on following that impasse, but it appears Pasuwa is willing to re-engage in talks. Chunga called on me today (yesterday) and we had a frank discussion about the issue," said Mubaiwa.

"We agreed on many things but this is a sensitive issue and I couldn't make a decision on my own. So I had to call for a meeting with the executive to see how we can go about it because others may disagree," Mubaiwa added.

That meeting with the Dynamos  board is set to take place this afternoon in Harare, and by the end of the day, Pasuwa could have his contract extended.

Given the apparent desire of the board to see  Pasuwa's contract extended and harmony retained in the dressing room of the champions, the executive may have not other option but to re-engage Pasuwa and tie up the contract extension before the new year.



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