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Date: 22 March 2019

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Still no solution for Tevez' s transfer saga

[Posted 10 Jan 2012]
[By Beezsports Reporter]
Tevez at training with Man City

After a reported intensified interest in Carlos Tevez from AC Milan a few weeks ago, things appear to have cooled again, after it was revealed that Manchester City are holding out for a permanent transfer, and not the loan deal preferred by the Italian champions.

"I think maybe we can find a good solution in January...also because it is important for Carlos. Now it is three or four months that he hasn't played," Mancini told a news conference.

About the reported interest from  AC Milan's arch-rivals, Inter, Mancini appears not sure of what is really the situation.

"I know that there is Inter maybe that is interested because I read the newspapers, and Milan the same but I don't know the last news."

The Argentinian Tevez, has not played for City for about four months ever since he refused to come on as a substitute in City's 0-2 loss away at Bayern Munich in the Champions League group stages in 2011.

After a terrible public fall-out with the player, Mancini had a change of heart, advising the player to apologise, giving it as a condition to accept the player back into the fold at City. Tevez apparently was not in favour of issuing an apology, preferring to go for an unsanctioned leave away in his native Argentina.

Relations between Tevez and City have never recovered ever since those disturbances. Many proposed moves to Brazil club Corinthians and the Milan rivals in Italy's Serie A have come to nothing.

The player's future remains unresolved and there is seemingly no solution in sight, which is not good for the talented former Manchester United striker who was captain of City before he fell out of favour with Mancini.


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