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Date: 21 March 2019

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Save our Soccer bounces back to force Mulindwa out

[Posted 13 Jan 2012]
[By Charles Malingha]
Save our Soccer bounces back to force Mulindwa out

Save Our Soccer (SOS), a lopsided pressure group led by fiery soccer critic Aldrine Nsubuga, has reignited an integrated campaign to eject FUFA president Lawrence Mulindwa and his CEO Edgar Watson.


SOS resurfaced after Buganda Road Chief Magistrate’s court issued criminal summons against Mulindwa, Watson and chairman legal committee Muhamadi Bazirengedde to answer charges of altering the FUFA constitution without authority, forgery, fraud and breach of trust. They will appear on January 24.


SOS has given Mulindwa, Watson and Bazirengedde a seven-day ultimatum to resign while Uganda Super League (USL) which has close links with SOS has petitioned world soccer governing body FIFA about the same case.


"They have no moral, professional, ethical or even legal authority to stay in office even for a single day. The only short cut is for them to resign immediately. While USL has petitioned FIFA, as SOS we shall go ahead with the court case.


"We shall go on and take our case to parliament’s social services committee. We shall also sensentise all FUFA affiliated associations and collect signatures from Ugandans soccer fans demanding their resignation," Nsubuga who was flanked by Denis Mbide, fumed at a press conference held at Sheraton Hotel in Kampala.


Nsubuga displayed the disputed 2010 FUFA Amended Constitution which indicated it had been registered at the Registrar of Office on the same day the extra-ordinary assembly convened at Pope Paul Memorial Centre.


"These people were asked to go and improve on the wording and report back to the assembly for amendments to be passed. They even included new articles that were never proposed to the delegates. This is unacceptable," Nsubuga said.


The amendments in question have a bearing on FUFA supervisory role over members associations including USL, the super league, power to revoke authority from super league organisers, affiliate members’ obligation to comply with FIFA, CAF and FUFA statutes and directives, and the composition of the FUFA executive committee.


FUFA head of communications Rogers Mulindwa expressed confidence in FIFA resolving the matter.


"They are now taking two different routes and one of them will lead them to the right destination.


"I wish they had known and gone to FIFA and CAF which is the way to go although they have hurried to take the matter to FIFA. They should have exhausted the local avenues to solve grievances. They will certainly be advised to return to FUFA," Mulindwa argued.


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