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Date: 25 March 2019

  Eastern African - Soccer

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FUFA warns on possible crackdown of USL

[Posted 13 Jan 2012]
[By Charles Malingha]
FUFA warns on possible crackdown of USL

The power struggle between FUFA and its subordinate Uganda Super League appears to take a nasty twist with the national federation indicating suspension of the national league and a ban on the leadership of the clubs’ umbrella group.

FUFA vice president in charge of administration Moses Magogo and the federation lawyer Alex Luganda warned at their weekly press briefing in Mengo Wednesday that they would use the football association statutes to crackdown on USL.

Luganda was responding to journalists’ questions on the persistent court sermons for the top FUFA leadership everytime the federation tries to discipline the defiant Uganda Super League leadership.

In the latest criminal summons on Monday Save Our Soccer has dragged FUFA president Lawrence Mulindwa, chief executive Edgar Watson and legal committee chairman Muhamadi Bazirengedde to courts of law.

The FUFA officials are scheduled to appear in court on January 24. They are charged with altering FUFA documents without authority, forgery, breach of trust and fraud.

This has come hardly two weeks after FUFA summoned USL chairman and city lawyer Kavuma Kabenge and chief executive officer Ebil Segawa to appear before its disciplinary committee tomorrow (Friday).

Magogo referred to the decision to take FUFA officials to court again as ’rape of association football’ while Luganda said it was ’an insult to the FUFA General Assembly.’

And they warned that summons for Kabenge to explain himself to the federation will determine a long time solution to the disagreement. Kabenge and Segawa have rejected the summons.

An insider in FUFA has told the New Vision Online that FUFA vice president in charge of USL Mujib Kasule has recommended nullification of the league and a ban on its officials.

In an interview after the press conference, Magogo and Luganda refused to confirm that Kabenge and Segawa face FUFA bans but it indicated that the Uganda Super League Limited that was formed under FUFA before it was registered as a company could be dissolved.

"We are not perturbed by the fact that courts have been turned into theatres where you carry out your drama and sinister motives," Luganda said.

"We are committed to solve the misunderstanding within association football and we know there will be backlash from the public but we also ready for it," he added.



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