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Date: 24 March 2019

  World - Soccer

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PSG's offers 25m for Tevez, Inter's 21m bid rejected

[Posted 17 Jan 2012]
[By Beezsports Editor]
PSG"s offers 25m  for Tevez, Inter"s 21m bid rejected

Just over a few hours, interest in out-of-favour Manchester City's Carlos Tevez has resulted in a tense bidding war with three clubs having fallen over each other to try and sign the Argentinian international.

First it was AC Milan who appeared on course to capture Tevez after having agreed personal terms with him, but then pulled out of the deal when they failed to sell Alessandro Pato as anticipated.

Inter Milan followed with a 21m offer which did not meet City's own valuation of the player, and was accordingly rejected.

Seeing a window of opportunity through the failed bid by Inter, French club PSG then beyond all expectations, met the valuation of Carlos by City and offered exactly 25m. The question that remains to be answered is on whether Tevez himself prefers a move to France or Italy.

Will Tevez agree personal terms with PSG? A plus for PSG is that in Carlo Ancelotti, they have a great coach who is a great admirer of the player. Thats what a player needs, and in particular, thats the sweetest news Carlos needs to hear from a coach inorder to get his groove back after many months on the sidelines at City. 

PSG boss Carlo Ancelotti said: "Tevez is a player I really like, he is fantastic. If we want to play at a high level, we must act well in the market, looking for players who can give us a hand."

Ancelotti's comments are in struck contrast to the confusing statements issued by the Inter Milan president and coach.

"Do we need Tevez? At this moment, it seems not, but football gives different answers every day.

"The offer is there, but now we are free to decide whether to go ahead or not,"Inter Milan president Massimo Moratti said.

Inter coach Claudio Ranieri chipped in with another puzzling comment: "You never know. Do we really need him? You journalists certainly do...If he joins he'll be very welcome."

These were the words of a club president and a coach who had just made an offer of 21m. The club's actions and utterances stood in contradiction and one wonders what must have been going through the mind of Tevez.

Tevez will in all likelihood welcome the move to the ambitious French Club where he is adored, appreciated and filled with a sense of being wanted, than go to Inter where he might be in danger of becoming surplus to requirements.


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