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Date: 26 March 2019

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Cruffy,Ajax board in shock resignation

[Posted 09 Feb 2012]
[By Brighton Mupangavanhu]
Cruffy,Ajax board in shock resignation

In puzzling circumstances to the ordinary Ajax Amsterdam soccer fan, an Amsterdam Court on Tuesday ruled against the appointment of former coach  Louis van Gaal by the Ajax board as CEO, and then on Thursday, the entire board resigned in retaliation to the Court's decision.

Johan Cruyff was against the appointment of his long time rival behind his back.

Van Gaal was appointed CEO during a meeting which Cruyff had missed in November last year, and he was riled by the fact that the appointment of a CEO was irregular given the coincidence that the rest of the board was aware that he would have opposed it, it was not on the agenda and yet a decision was taken in his absence.

A court of law in Amsterdam vindicated Cruyff by overturning the aappointment after the Ajax legend challenged van Gaal's appointment. The court agreed with Cruyff that the appointment was not on the agenda and therefore irregular.

While it is understandable why the rest of the four members of the board resigned, it is not clear why Cruyff joined them in resigning.

The issue will dominate the meeting of Ajax Amsterdam shareholdrs due to take place on Friday.


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