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Tamarind Football Academy (Zimbabwe) -

Name of AcademyTamarind Football Academy
Physical Address6 Tsenza lane Mufakose
ExecutivesTB Chikambi Chairman. A Charumbira V chair, NV Mashingaidze BM Finance, B Tshaka BM secretary, Pastor JM Mfarinya, SW Magadu, C Vhokoto board member
Facebook Page
Contact Phone+263 77 2 388 499, 772 637 632
Tamarind Football Academy is a non-profit marking organization was formed in 2009 and is based in Mufakose, it is affiliated to ZIFA Mufakose Juniors Development League
  •  Identify, develop and promote the players so that they fully utilize their talent translating into worthwhile careers.
  • Create an environment where trust, compassion, safety and a sense of belonging is nurtured so we can fight social dilemmas like HIV and AIDS, Drug abuse. Dysfunctional families
  • Create a platform to fight inferiority complex.
The sporting industry is primarily an entertainment industry. It makes sense then that if we are to develop our youth to provide fun and entertainment for the spectator, the players must derive fun playing. We aim to increase their enjoyment of the game by:
  • Improving techniques and understanding: Technical development is fundamental to all players up until the age category of 14 years.
  • Physical development is concentrated on thereafter and as the player becomes more skilful in both technical and physical aspects so their enjoyment of the game increases.
  • Improving teamwork: Another way we increase enjoyment of the game is through interaction with teammates with skilful and imaginative play, developing a style proudly unique to Tamarind
  • Improving understanding of teamwork and the role of each position in the teams.
At the younger age groups, the boys play in a number of positions to improve their all round play and knowledge. It is not until a player’s physical and mental characteristics develop fully that their best position can be accurately identified.
Each player chosen to present Tamarind Sports Academy will:
  • Represent the Academy at all times, both on and off the pitch
  • Attend training each week at specified times for coaching and development sessions.
  •  Play for the Academy in official uniforms at all league, zonal and cup matches
  • Have the opportunity to participate and socialize with players from other institutes.
  • Spend time with and be influenced by people who are aiming to reach to the top of sporting careers
High personal standards are required if the players are to progress as players and as valuable members of the community in future.
The Academy strives to set these high standards in the following are:
It is expected that the players conduct themselves in the correct manner, showing respect to officials, supporters and opponents as we play hosts/guest from time to time and of course, both on and off the field. We demand the following:
  • Strict adherence to timekeeping and dress codes
  • Control of their own development process by continuously practicing techniques and skills learned
  • Listening and concentrating while being instructed
  • Teamwork – playing for the team
  • Maintenance of a healthy lifestyle by sticking to correct levels of training, rest and nutrition
  • That a code of conduct be signed by both player and parent
It is not only important for the individual player to complete his academic studies, but as an ambassador for Tamarind Football Academy and Zimbabwe when playing internally and internationally it is imperative.
The Academy encourages improvement in social interactions, attributes that will serve the player in all areas of his life.
  • Communications skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Unselfishness
  • Competitiveness
The Academy will endeavor to provide guidance to both parents and players on life skills such as:
  • Nutrition Growth and development
  • Principles of training
  • Hygiene, HIV and AIDS,
  • Physical and mental health
  • Safety
Although the players will naturally have dreams of becoming professional, they may not reach this particular dream. They will however, benefit from the process involved by reaching for higher standards along the way.
  • All injured/ill players must in all circumstances, report or inform their coaches before taking part in any training session
  • Any player who comes off during a match due to an injury must report to the coaches before the next training session
It is important that all the players have a balance between playing, training, school activities and rest. For the physical and mental development of the players it is vital that they do not play or train if they are tired and have participated in any school games or activities that day.
Parents should support us in educating the players to be disciplined and find balance between playing and school activities.
Training will concentrate on developing the highest standard in preparation, performance and behavior on and off the field.
Training will be demanding and will incorporate many aspects of the game in a single session. Players must be prepared to work hard, both physically and mentally.
Training Schedules
Beginners and intermediate Under-12 and 14 respectively, training is three times per week with
matches at weekends (school days) and four times on school holiday advanced that is Under17, training is four times per week and matches at weekends
League Categories: We are affiliated to the ZIFA Mufakose Junior Development League.
We encourage all games to be played in a friendly and yet competitive environment. The emphasis of the games is on the education and development of the players.
Home matches: Matches are played at Tendayi primary school.
Away matches
All the matches of our league are played in Mufakose except for some friendly out of our zone transport will be arranged. The administrator will advise players who will advise their parents of the departure times and place of departure. These times must be strictly adhered to. Players must travel together to encourage team spirit.
Parents and other family members are not only encouraged to support the players in any match, but the club deems it their responsibility to attend matches.
Dress Code
Whenever the players are representing the Tamarind Football Academy high standard of appearance is expected, they dress the Academy official uniforms.
All training kit provided to each player and must be left with the Academy at the end of each session as it is regarded as Academy’s property. Travel kit or Tracksuits if provided for use only during Academy activities and should not be used for general leisurewear or taken to school.
  • Parental support - meeting expectations without the support of the parents it would be impossible for the Academy to run effectively, and we are all extremely grateful for the assistance that the parents give to us.
Parental support at matches and coaching sessions is greatly appreciated!
Care and Welfare
The care and welfare of the players is of paramount importance to us and it is the duty of every member of staff in our academy to see that each individual player is treated according to his individual needs.
Letters will be sent to schools at the start of each year to inform them of each player’s involvement with the academy.
The balance of a player’s education and sporting program is of paramount importance and as an
Academy we are always ready to listen to schools or parents when needed.
We also request that the parents submit school reports on a regular basis to the Academy. Should the player’s report reflect poor performance the Academy reserves the right to suspend the player from the team until the situation has been rectified.
  • Need support from the families
  • Political environment
  • Current curriculum of schools
  • Lack of adequate training equipment .
  • Engage families and make them aware of Tamarind Sports Academy
  • Involvement of local stakeholders e.g. business community, local leadership i.e. Mps, councilors DA etc.
  • Create a good understanding between Tamarind and schools.
  • Attract sponsors who believe in our dream.
  • Recommend and select best options for children to excel in what they do best.
  • To be a professional Academy which can join more lucrative leagues within Zimbabwe and internationally.

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